News Header Major Release

Finally it's here!

OK, so we've actually had production sites running since 2014, but now we're releasing it for everyone.

There's too many features to list already so we'll be updating the website to explain things.

What is it?

This is a website you can truly set and forget and know you are taken care of. All you need to do is create the content and everything is taken care of, including all updates. You'll even get a fresh design to keep it up with the times every 4 years.

Imagine having a passionate team sweating the small stuff and keeping up with the latest trends in the background. All the while your site is getting constantly updated with security and feature updates.

That's what an Improved Website truly is!

Built with knowledge gained from decades of experience

Matt has been building websites and applications for all kinds of businesses since 1999. It's what he loves doing. The team behind him love what they do too and bring a host of valuable skills with them.

Improved Websites have the following goals

  • Allow business owners to focus on their business knowing their website is well taken care of
  • Simple billing that covers everything, no hidden fees
  • Provide exceptional value
  • Constantly improving and keeping up with technology
  • Everything is the best quality from the ground up
  • Bullet-proof and reliable

We do this by using a combination of commercial software and custom development. Each website is a combination of being SaaS (Software as a Service) and your own unique custom elements.

As we (and our partners) keep updating things, you get the benefits of that. Not only keeping things secure, but also getting new features.

Get out of the old process, get the best for your business, get an Improved Website.