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An excellent choice for your business

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Why you should get a website from us

We've listed some of the main reasons to get you started. To make things easy, we also point out when you shouldn't get a website from us.

It will save you time and money

We've made things as simple as possible. A single yearly payment that covers everything. Really! You won't even need to get a new website in the future as that is covered too!

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The value we provide to your business will far outweigh the cost you pay

This has been and always will be one of our top priorities in anything we do. (The other being quality) But it is especially true with our website product.

There are years of development behind it, but it's also what's included. In fact, if someone were to copy us, the cost to them would be much greater than we charge.

You benefit from a business model that shares the cost of our hard work, plus some early investments we made that have paid off. Allowing us to provide a product and service at a price that normally wouldn't be viable.

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Your business will get a high quality website

Looking professional is really important. It will show your customers you are serious and can be relied upon. That inspires trust.

But a quality website must also be fast, reliable and easy to update. We deliver that in spades.

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You will be able to focus on your business with one less thing to worry about

As a business owner, I know how busy and stressful things can be. Anyone that can help you, where you can give them responsibility for something and trust it will be taken care of, is invaluable. Wouldn't you agree?

That frees you up to focus on other things you need to.

Let us worry about the Internet on your behalf. It's only getting more complex and evolving all the time in new areas.

It's what we love. It's what we are interested in and keep up with. Your business will have an advantage with us working for you to make sure things are done right and keeping pace as technology evolves.

Your site will keep.... Improving!

That's our core philosophy at Improved Software after all. We even based our name on it.

Not only are we committed to keep improving things by adding more features and evolving when needed, it's bigger than just us.

We partnered with several other technology providers and have integrated their products. These are industry leaders and you will get the full benefit of progress they are making too.

Several great teams are better than one team. The value you get is also a lot more.

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We make something very complex as simple as possible

There's a lot of principles involved in building a website that works. One that can be found by search engines, works with social media and maintains design that is pleasant and functional for your customers on all devices.

It's too much for us to teach everyone who will update your website or to expect them to remember.

So a lot is done behind the scenes to guide you and make sure that everything works as it should and keep things looking good.

You can add your content, follow a simple process and allow the site to take care of most of the heavy lifting.

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Because we are committed to you and your website

We work hard to improve. To keep learning and evolving. To follow best practices. To strip down and redo things when a better way becomes available.

Loving what we do means the hard work isn't a chore. We are interested in your business and how we can help you the most and provide exceptional value.

We've been doing this a long time and have a wealth of experience. We will never stop listening, learning or looking for better ways to do things.

We want to work for you and provide you with a great website. One that you can trust will work well and be a proper representation of your business brand.

In a nutshell

A single, affordable yearly payment that truly takes care of everything. A website that just keeps getting better and passionate people looking after everything for you.

That's what an Improved Website is and we believe it to be a great choice for your business.

When you shouldn't get a website from us

If an Improved Website isn't the right solution for you, we don't want to sell you one

Learn when that might be the case