What Does It Cost?

Currently only $1100 (inc. GST) per year

We want to keep things as simple as possible, a single yearly bill that covers everything you need.

No more extra costs for hosting and domains. Just an all-inclusive bill without further surprises.

Want the quick and simple run down?

Quality custom-built websites can be very costly to setup. There's other costs involved like hosting, domain registration/renewals and software updates and licensing. After X amount of years, you'll be up for the big cost to redo your website when it looks a bit stale or falls behind today's technology.

We've created an affordable package to give you a quality website that could easily cost 5 figures. All the ongoing costs are included and your site will be updated and continue receiving improvements. Plus every 4 years, we will create a new design for your site.

We've tried to cover everything, in a simple and affordable package that continues to work for you well into the future.

What's included?

If you're interested in the details

  • Our hybrid SaaS (Software as a Service) product with your own custom design. Look unique while benefiting from all updates being pushed to our core product
  • A custom designed front-end for your website that aligns with your brand and gives you a unique web presence
  • Your site will be responsive - Meaning it will adapt to work on all devices such as mobiles and tablets, not just laptops or desktop computers
  • Better yet, every 4 years, we will redesign your site. Never need a new website or foot the cost for one again!
  • All improvements we make will be added, your website will keep growing with new and improved features
    • This also includes adapting to current trends. Who knows how we might be viewing websites in the future? But you'll know your website will handle it.
  • Craft CMS Pro running as your CMS - A paid license and yearly maintenance costs are provided for your Improved Website.
    • We also include a couple of paid plugins to enhance your experience
    • Craft CMS is an industry-leading commercial CMS with rapid updates and improvements
    • Your site will be running on a robust, secure CMS with features that allow us to provide you with a truly top class website
    • Deserves a special mention: Live preview feature - allows you to view changes before saving them
    • Also when logged in, you'll get one click editing of each page on your site. Doesn't get much easier!
    • If you are interested, why not check out Craft CMS here
  • Paperform - Industry leading form builder
    • We provide you with the features equivalent to their agency plan
    • Integrated with your website so you can embed any Paperform forms you create wherever you need to
    • Easily build forms to interact with your customers and
      • Get feedback of any kind you can imagine
      • Easily receive electronic files, such as photos or documents. Up to 5GB in size
      • Ask questions and request help
      • Streamline your business processes. Add convenience for your customers and even save staff time by automating manual tasks
      • Sell items online and take payments! A Stripe account is required to accept credit card payments.
      • Plus lots more features with more being added constantly
  • Our professionally developed page building components, designed to work together out of the box. Making it easy to build pages that work well on every device
  • Option to include a news/blog section in your site
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) baked in - Your site is made to work well with for search engines with tools to help you predict what things may look like in Google
  • Social media tools so you can control what each page looks like when shared to Facebook and Twitter. Stand out from the rest and look professional.
  • We will register your domain and renew it for you (or renew your current domain if you have one) - .com and .com.au domains only. Other domain extensions may require a surcharge
  • Your database and application are hosted on a dedicated server to ensure quality of service and quick response times.
  • Files/images you upload are stored with Amazon Web Services. Ensuring speed and reliability with over 99.99% uptime.
  • Your images will be processed using Imgix, a dedicated external image processing service and delivered via their world-wide CDN.
    • Automatically resized and optimised for web use. Delivered quickly anywhere in the world
  • Loads of performance features we've included to make your website perform quickly and efficiently. Never lose customers that are sick of waiting for a slow website
    • Page caching, lazy-loading, serving images resized to match different sized devices etc.
  • 5GB of POP/IMAP email storage (Create up to 50 email addresses and unlimited email aliases)
    • We can assist with properly setting up linked Office 365 email accounts if you have heavy email requirements
  • Nightly backups - Peace of mind, even in the worst possible scenario. Sent and stored with encryption
  • Your site domain will be fully secured with a current SSL certificate. Traffic to and from your website is secure and encrypted
  • We will keep everything current and updated on your behalf
    • We'll keep your CMS updated so you get all new features and security updates
    • Have your own experts keeping on top of changes to the Internet and keeping pace with things
    • You can rely on our extensive experience, knowledge and passion for all things Internet
  • If the need arises, we can even build custom components and pages to assist with your particular business model
    • Everything is totally flexible, we've built things so there are absolutely no limitations to what we can do
    • Custom development will incur development fees and possible maintenance fees
Made it through all that?

Well done! As you can see we are passionate about what we do and providing great quality websites, built from the ground up to perform well.

There's actually more features we haven't mentioned and we have lots of ideas for how things can improve.

BUT... if you have a website built by us, you don't need to worry about any of that. You'll know that passionate people are taking care of these things for you and have got you covered.