Iweb update header feature update

We built the Improved Website product with almost 2 decades of experience building websites.

It's designed to create output formatted for search engines and social media. When you create a page, things are structured to handle the most important requirements.

You shouldn't have to think about these things and you don't. Just keep adding content to your website and your traffic will grow.

If you are creating a page to attract potential customers, there's a couple of small things to do to set each page up for effective marketing.

With the right focus, it's easy!

Having authored many pages for ourselves and our clients using our product, I developed a streamlined way of creating effective pages as quickly and with the least amount of effort as possible.

Craft 3.5 enhancements

Using the added features that came with Craft 3.5, we reorganised the workflow with a few helpful tips to guide you.

This helps you focus on a couple of important things to make each page as effective as possible in the first few minutes. Then with that aside, you can jump into adding the page content.

We'll add a tutorial shortly about the process we've set up.

It allows you to quickly add new pages which you can come back later and add to. But right from the start, you've done the important things to set the page up for success.

Being a perfectionist, it can be a curse that turns into procrastination.

The most important thing is adding content to your website. It's actually really beneficial to keep editing and changing things. Your website will rank higher being seen as up to date and with current information.

Writing everything in one go, proofreading and editing until you are satisfied, then doing one big update doesn't really help. If your website doesn't have new content added, there's no reason for people to visit and search engines penalise sites for that.

Set up for success, then do it your way

Using this process, you can quickly build the right foundation targeted towards the intended purpose.

Then it's up to you if you just want to add the bare bones and come back later or push on and complete the page in one sitting.

Anything is ok. Except not adding content. That's the only requirement to having a website that works for your business and attracts potential customers.