Much faster updates

We were erring on the side of caution, but it was holding us back.

Previously when making changes, we would;

  • Set up a test environment
  • Make the changes
  • Follow an exhaustive testing phase
    • In development, staging and production environments.
  • Once testing was complete, we would then look to make changes in the actual system

It was about as bullet-proof and professional as you can get. Virtually eliminating any problems on our live websites. But significant time was required, even for simple changes.

Usually planning and testing one day, then taking things live at a later date.

The last few weeks I've been trialling a rapid update process. I've managed to get complex updates down to about 25% of the time. it was taking before.

It does open up a bit more risk of issues slipping through into production from human error. With 2 decades of experience and proper attention to detail this is minimal.

Anything major would be rectified within minutes and I'd guess 99% of minor issues too. Wherever possible, changes are made outside of peak times.

Being able to work faster and eliminating a potential roadblock to progress is well worth the trade off.

I was about to tell you all about how I did it.... But I won't. (You can ask if interested though :)

It has created a new problem though, but a good one I guess. I'm well behind in announcing several changes that have already been made.

I'll get to those shortly. Then some more enhancements to the page builder I think will be really helpful.

With a few "essential" page builder updates out of the way, I'll get stuck into creating proper documentation everyone can refer to and use to onboard your website editors.

We'll also work concurrently on a new client onboarding process. This will help answer any questions so we can really focus on your business goals. Plus guide you through what we need at each stage of design & development.

Both the documentation and onboarding process will remain open to improvements. We will really appreciate any feedback we are given and use that to guide us.