Iweb update header feature update

What's Been Happening?

We've been making improvements on both the front and back end. I would like to post about each significant update as it happens but the focus has been on progressing as fast as possible. We've also been busy working on our business application system which is now ready to start launching new versions of our past software and some new ones.

So I don't get stuck behind a bunch of news updates I need to post before I can do the current ones, I will briefly list some of the main things we've done with the Improved Website software

Some items we've worked on

  • Enhanced options for the full screen hero module. - Most important, adjust transparency of the text background. Readable text without blocking out the hero image
  • Background images for Sections also have some options to fine tune how they look
  • We've did a deep dive on our multi-site setup and optimised everything in the database storage
  • Gone over nearly every page builder module on the front end. Making them look better, flow together and easier to read for your website visitors.
    • A definite time-saver. Smart use of the page builder options will create website pages that look good and are easy to read.
    • We'll be updating sites for our current customers in the new year - all part of having an Improved Website
      • We love when our customers add content, because we can fine-tune the front-end to work how they add content
  • We made it easier and quicker to use our wizard skills (Add custom code) on your pages. Seconds instead of minutes means little non-essential tweaks are now viable.
    • Plus they really bugged the perfectionist in us :)
  • Boring but essential is a full review of our code structure. Refining our current processes, plus moving or restructuring as much as possible into the core code used by all websites.
    • This is making it faster and simpler to update our current sites and create new ones.

That catches up on a fair bit of what we've been doing. I can post about what we are currently doing!

We have several updates coming very soon, then the next couple of months we'll be working on a new version of our timesheet software and a new task management system. Plus launching a some new Improved Websites we're working on.

A very busy start to the new year - I guess that's why I've been working and adding this catch up post on Christmas Day! Which isn't a problem when your work is a passion and something you really enjoy doing.

I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable time with their friends and families - who aren't interstate :(

We really look forward to serving everyone in 2021

We already have big plans, including lots of updates, new software releases, a local community project and an intense focus on providing excellent support to our clients.

We wish everyone an excellent new year ahead. We'll work hard to make it happen for our customers :)