Iweb update header feature update

We haven't been great at updating this section as we have been working on features. We will be adding updates more frequently as we make changes going forward.

The main reason is that we don't currently have a huge amount of clients on the platform. Those that are, we generally have been updating the site for them.

As the current situation (with COVID-19) starts getting back towards normal, we expect that to change. We are gearing up to spread the word and market the product properly.

A few noteworthy additions that have been added were:

  • Multi-site ability allowing you to run multiple websites from a single Improved Website instance
  • Total flexibility - Meaning there isn't a limit on what we can do by adding custom code
  • Refining the page builder components to (almost) always work well together. There's still enough rope to hang yourself, but it would be difficult

Building pages for our clients, our own business and a couple of community projects we're working on has been the best way to get ideas and see what could work better.

Multi-site ability

While building the Local Link community website, the need arose to have individual sites for each town. It also made sense to have separate sites for our business and the various products and services we provide.

This makes it easier to find and access relevant information. A complex product like Improved Website can have purchase options, marketing pages, tutorials, support, relevant news and interactive forms to work better with our clients. All in a dedicated site. Not buried within layers of our business site with everything else.

You could literally add 100's of sites to an Improved Website. That's the long term plan for Local Link as we add more towns and help them promote their local community. Each site can have totally separate content or share certain parts. A business might wish to have a single news/blog section and a single company wide contact page.

Each site has it's own URL and is essentially a separate website. It opens up a lot of opportunities for businesses to to promote themselves and serve their customer base better - or multiple customer bases.

There is some manual work required on our part to set up each additional site. So there will be a one-off cost to add new sites. A fraction compared to building a new website and sites are ready to go within a few days.

Building your site pages

A lot of work has gone into the structure of how you add content to your site pages. Without needing to know anything, just adding content and creating pages on your website will mean you are creating pages optimised to work well with search engines and social media.

Talk about and promote your business. Add support pages to assist your customers and ease the effort required of your staff. Your site will continue working for you into the future.

Improved Websites are also exceptionally fast. Everything is engineered from the ground up to perform well and be a pleasure for your customers to use.

As it should be, you can focus on your business, we'll take care of the rest. Just add content about your business for success.