It is impossible to please all the people all the time

Even though we've tried to create a package that's affordable and we wholeheartedly believe is a great investment for the majority of businesses, sometimes that may not be the case.

What could be the reasons for passing on an Improved Website for your business?

Your website budget is basically zero

A website might not be important to your business or you might not be in a position to allocate funds towards one at the moment. This would be the main reason not to go ahead.

Quality isn't a concern

You just need a web presence and a way to advertise online. What it looks like or performs like aren't a great concern.

This might be the case if you only purchased a domain to use for your email addresses.

But if you did want to make a good impression of your business, then it could still be worthwhile getting a website from us. You'll get 50 email accounts included and unlimited aliases.

You want to do it yourself

If you have the skills or are prepared to spend the time learning how to build your own site and stay up with the latest trends you might wish to go down this path to save a few bucks.

We salute you.

If this changes in the future, then please consider us again.

We can't really think of many other reasons

It's possible we're slightly biased though I guess....

We wholeheartedly believe our product provides exceptional value and is a great tool for the majority of businesses looking to get a website or upgrade their present one.

We hope you do consider supporting us and giving us the opportunity to work hard to improve your business.