Quality is our top priority

How us being selfish benefits you greatly

Matt, the founder of Improved software, absolutely loves working with the Internet. It's been his passion ever since the late 90's. He loves building applications and websites for the Internet and is lucky to be able to work doing this.

But what's the problem with almost everything you do in business? There's a budget and/or timeline to work to. There's only so much you can do and still pay the bills.

Matt always dreamed of being able to do the best quality work he was capable of. But no matter if you are doing a cheaper website (budget constraints) or a corporate level website (Big budget but has a deadline) there's always the point where it limits the work you do.

That's how Improved Software began

By building software and delivering it using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, we are able to focus on really doing the best quality work we are capable of. Continually improving it, researching, learning and adapting as the Internet changes.

That's what an Improved Website is. It's taking everything we know and everything we learn in the future and applying it. Never taking shortcuts, but always focusing on quality and doing the best work we are capable of.

The only thing that limits us now is keeping things as simple as possible so it's still easy enough to use and update.

Some other ways we provide a high quality website

Experience, dedication and passion in everything we do

I've already mentioned how we modelled our business so we can do the very best work we are capable of. It's what we love and are passionate doing.

But we also have experience building websites going right back to the early Internet days. As well as everything from small to large corporate websites.

This results in high quality workmanship being applied at every level. Plus a high quality code base that is maintainable.

Nothing really beats experience. Coupled with a passion to improve and learn. Going forward you can be certain we will make informed decisions based on our experience and continual research and testing.

Our focus moving forward is based on reliability and quality. Not rushing into new technologies that might still have some teething problems to sort out.

A custom front-end that's unique

This is also a way we provide value, but by having a custom designed website means your business will never look cheap. People will never find out you were actually using a $15 template.

Only more expensive websites have a high quality custom design. One that matches your brand and target audience shows you really mean business.

Performance - Because it matters

Website users are a funny bunch. If you make them wait over 1 second, their perception of your site will go down. Not a great deal longer and their fed up and leave. A high performance website is crucial.

I could talk a lot about what we do, but I'll just list some of the things to keep it as short as possible

  • Your site is hosted on a high-spec dedicated server optimised for delivering websites
    • Located near your target geographical area which improves performance.
    • In a large server warehouse with high-speed network.
  • All files are stored on AWS servers (Same as Netflix uses to deliver their videos)
  • All images are processed and delivered using IMGIX
    • Dedicated servers built specifically for processing images
    • Images are automatically optimised for web use
    • A world-wide delivery network so they load fast anywhere in the world
  • Caching - Pulling dynamic data from a database can slow things down. We cache most parts of your website after you have made changes in the CMS. This improves performance significantly.
  • Techniques we build into the website to improve your user experience
    • Creating a range of images and delivering the most suitable to your users. E.g. A small image served to mobile users and larger ones for tablets, laptops and desktop screens
    • Lazy loading - Images that only load when someone scrolls to that part of the page
    • Code that is optimised to load quickly - External services are loaded after your page is already served
  • Using standards like HTTP/2 - As better standards appear that improve performance and delivery we will continue to use best practices.

Reliability you can trust

Apart from only using quality infrastructure like what's listed above in the performance section, we have enough redundancy so a crippling disaster that costs your business dearly won't happen.

  • Responsive 24/7 onsite teams available if there is a network or hardware issue at hosting locations
  • Nightly backups for peace of mind
  • Quality code and updates that are tested before being pushed into production
  • Not just experience, but mastery of the Internet and programming.
  • We manage almost all infrastructure ourselves. So have in depth knowledge.
  • Tried and tested systems. Have been up and running in a production environment for over 4 years.
  • Monitoring of our servers and websites so we get notified within minutes of any potential downtime.

What do you get

Everything you need to succeed Just add content!
Professionals take care of the rest

Secure, up-to-date with continuous improvements. Improved Websites never go out of date