Great websites are focused on results

No need to learn all the principles of search engines and social media. Improved Websites are structured to guide you towards creating pages that follow best practices and get results.

Simply add your content and the output will follow best practices

Do you know what it takes to create a search engine friendly web page?

How about the image sizes that Facebook or Twitter use when one of your pages get shared?

You don't need to, because most of this is done for you already. We've put a lot of work and research into this so you don't have to worry about the nuts and bolts of it.

Just by adding your content and images you will be off to a great start.

A results-driven tool you can use yourself

If you had to pay someone to build pages that were search engine friendly and worked well with social media, it would end up being quite costly.

But we stay on top of things like this for you. We've built the site builder around these principles, so without even knowing a thing, you get the basics done right every time straight out of the box.

If things change in the future, we'll adapt the software and your current pages will update to follow suit. Nothing for you to do and no extra cost to bear.

Keep an eye out for updates to our help guides or tutorials we write and you will be able to create very effective pages for your business.

Tools to help you visualise

It can be hard to create something and know how it will work without seeing the result. It's time consuming to create something then check how it looks on search engines or social media to actually see the results and update from there.

An Improved Website lets you see an example of a Google search result and how it will look when shared on Facebook or Twitter. All within the page builder.

Seeing what your potential customers might see allows you to market your business better, with less time and effort.

What do you get

Everything you need to succeed Just add content!
Professionals take care of the rest

Secure, up-to-date with continuous improvements. Improved Websites never go out of date