We take care of everything for you

A very common scenario

So you had a new website built for your business and are very happy with it. There may have been a substantial cost but it was well worth it.

Everything is great, but if you don't have a CMS it may be costly to update and probably doesn't happen all that often. If you do have a CMS it can be costly to keep updated and secure. Major CMS versions can require substantial outlays to update.

A new technology might come out. Like when it became possible to build responsive websites that adapted to fit on mobile devices and different screen sizes.

Eventually your website is starting to look outdated or not work in the way you need to promote your business properly.

Usually 3-5 years after building a site, clients would come to us and ask about adding a certain feature or they might have seen a website that did something that would work well for their business.

If they hadn't paid substantial ongoing costs to keep things updated or even if the new technology they want to take advantage of is a totally new concept, more often than not, the best solution is going to be to build a new website from scratch. You're up for that big outlay of capital again. It can be a costly cycle.

How we tried to address these problems

  • A single yearly bill that includes everything you need. Easy to budget and saves admin time
  • All updates to Craft CMS to add new features or security updates
  • As we build new features (or update current ones) you get access to those improvements
  • We keep our finger on the pulse of everything happening with the Internet and adapt with it. Things like;
    • New technology, standards and best practices
    • Social media and promoting your site using these channels
    • Optimising your site to work best with search engines
  • Continually monitoring your site and making sure it is always up and running
  • Automatic nightly backups to ensure everything is safe in case of emergency
  • As a bonus for staying a client of ours, every 4 years we offer a free redesign of your website front-end. Your website always stays relevant without any extra cost
  • You also have a passionate team striving to improve your website and look for better ways to reach your audience

In a nutshell

You'll have our team working for you and maintaining all aspects of your website. Allowing you to focus on building your business and adding content to the website.

Peace of mind knowing what your ongoing costs are and never having to fork out for a new website again. Also knowing you have experienced, passionate people keeping up with changes and looking after things in general.

Let us worry about everything for you so you don't have to. We'll love you for it because it's what we love to do!

What do you get

Everything you need to succeed Just add content!
Professionals take care of the rest

Secure, up-to-date with continuous improvements. Improved Websites never go out of date